Creative Collaborator

Finding new ways to inspire innovation is a primary company-building exercise at Eastman – one that nearly always goes beyond the workplace and into nearby schools and communities.

Continuing education

Because Eastman has its European Headquarters in the Netherlands, having a skilled workforce in Europe is critical to our company. In partnership with the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University – one of the world’s top business schools – we leverage the institution's expertise in executive development and training, business recruitment, research, and marketing and branding to provide opportunities for leadership and workforce development.

Applying engineering to robotics

Eastman team members at various sites mentor high school students participating in the FIRST Robotics Competition, an international contest in which student teams design, construct and program industrial-sized robots to perform specific tasks. The robots then compete against one another in regional and district events throughout the world and the event provides an opportunity for students to apply engineering and problem solving skills in a team environment.

Disrupting education through design

With a focus on STEAM education, Eastman often invests in unique educational opportunities. One of these is SHIFT Design Camp, which is an open community of makers, connectors, designers and creators who are interested in design and its power to change the world. Eastman, along with other corporate partners, connects camp participants from across the country with global material experts and local artisans – immersing them in team building, critical thinking and the art of making.