Accomplished Facilitator

We believe in contributing to the success of company team members and other stakeholders by collaborating to accomplish goals and address topics that are important to everyone.

Using our tools to train world-class leaders

More than 1,000 leaders, makers, community members, and students came together for the annual IDEAcademy event, hosted by

Eastman and East Tennessee State University's College of Business and Technology. Featuring keynote Adam Savage, a 13-year-old CEO, a serial entrepreneur, a chocolatier, and more, IDEAcademy's line-up spoke to the diversity and creativity of our headquarter’s region. This year, IDEAcademy posed the challenge: "Forging your future. What's your tool of choice?", as speakers inspired attenders to use their best "tools" for success.

The free leadership development event endowed by Eastman in partnership with East Tennessee State University’s College of Business and Technology is an annual event, so watch a recap from this year’s event, or get up-to-date on information for the 2020 event by visiting

Raising the bar

Helping employees fully benefit from their career experiences is the goal of Eastman Professional Development Club. By engaging employees through networking and community activities, the organization facilitates the growth and development of Eastman employees as well as other professionals in the area. The focus is on enhancing key skills of members through programming that highlights specific areas of career and professional development.

Changing the face of technology

Because workforce diversity and inclusion are of utmost importance to Eastman, we are partnering with the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) Pacesetters to encourage gender parity in technical fields, particularly information technology.

NCWIT recognizes Eastman as "Change Leader in Tech Diversity" and features the company on its newly designed website, Known for the iconic "Red Chair" that illustrates the need for more women in IT, visitors will quickly learn about Eastman's commitments around empowerment, diversity and inclusion, and education.

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