Strategic Partner

We partner with stakeholders to optimize resources and contribute toward viable economic growth.

Partnering to build skills

The Center for Advanced Film Manufacturing in Martinsville, Virginia, is an initiative that delivers skills training in advanced film production. The center represents a public-private partnership that involves local Eastman facilities, two colleges in the region and the Martinsville-Henry County Economic Development Corporation. Notably, more than 30 percent of the world’s supply of coated and dyed film originates from this area.

Help is on the Way

When disaster strikes, Eastman often steps in. The Eastman Foundation, coupled with employee contributions, has regularly delivered aid through the American Red Cross to locations around the world. Eastman products have also been useful in aiding recovery, such as application of RainStick (formerly HydroPack) for emergency hydration and plasticizers (in piping) for resolving issues at a nuclear power plant.

As a result of the historic flooding that has swept through Louisiana, a number of Eastman employees and family members at our St. Gabriel site have been displaced from their homes. If you are interested in contributing to relief efforts, the Eastman Foundation is providing funding and accepting donations.

Louisiana Flood Relief ►

Know what you are buying

Eastman is the first U.S.-based chemical company to join Together for Sustainability, an international organization that supports supply chain transparency across the chemical industry. Comprised of procurement officers from leading chemical companies worldwide, the organization seeks to shape sustainable business models and establish open and constructive dialogues for improving working and environmental conditions in our industry’s supply chains.